The makings of Shooters Loot

What is Shooters Loot?

Shooters Loot is a cool selection of shooting enthusiasts gear that is sure to delight all!

What comes in the Budget Loot, Shooters Loot, and Ultimate Shooters Loot packages?

Well it's kind of a surprise.. But you can expect products like gear, gun cleaners, lubricants and brushes. Also high end flashlights and knives, steel targets and paper targets, finally in our ammo box you can expect... AMMO!

When can I expect my Loot to arrive?

Easy, your order is billed every month on the 15th and we start packaging immediately, then 2 weeks later (on the 1st of the following month) we ship your loot!

For example; If you order between the 15th and the end of the current month, we will ship on the first of the month. However if you order during the cutoff period which is between the 1st and the 15th you will be billed immediately but will not receive product until the following month (and you WON'T be billed again for the current month either). 

Refund/Return Policy

If you aren't satisfied with your box for any reason please let us know at so we can make it right!

Cancellation Policy

We would hate to see you go but if you'd like to cancel just reach out to us at and we will promptly cancel your subscription and refund any unshipped payment if applicable.